By two stringent regulations of 1799 and 1812 the tenant was practically put at the mercy of a rackrenting landlord. In the case of urban leases, however, ejectment (q.v.) Tenancy definition is - a holding of an estate or a mode of holding an estate; specifically : the temporary possession or occupancy of something (such as a house) that belongs to another. English words and Examples of Usage use "tenant" in a sentence Goldman Sachs Co., the project's anchor tenant, attracted deep discounts in rental prices because of the large amount of space it occupies. This situation requires tact - you cannot instruct the tenant to get a gas oven. This would be a mistake, since the landlord's policy would only cover loss to the building itself, and none of the tenant's belongings would be covered. Barker was still tenant in 1540, when the Crown granted the tenement to him rent free for life. 76. Instead, it protects the tenant's belongings inside the unit. It is now established that he was a tenant of Peterborough Abbey, from which he held lands at Witham-on-the-Hill and Barholme with Stow in the south-western corner of Lincolnshire, and of Crowland Abbey at Rippingale in the neighbouring fenland. As affecting agricultural practice there were three noteworthy improvements in respect of the making of which, without the consent of or notice to his landlord, a tenant might claim compensation - (1) the consumption on the holding " by horses, other than those regularly employed on the holding," of corn, cake or other feeding-stuff not produced on the holding; (2) the "consumption on the holding by cattle, sheep, or pigs, or by horses other than those regularly employed on the holding, of corn proved by satisfactory evidence to have been produced and consumed on the holding "; (3) " laying down temporary pasture with clover, grass, lucerne, sainfoin or other seeds sown more than two years prior to the determination of the tenancy.". where a tenant's rent is in arrear, or he fails to remove on the expiry of his lease (Act of Sederunt, 14th of Dec. 1756: Agricultural Holdings Act 1883, s. where a house is burnt down, or a farm is reduced to " sterility " by flood or hurricane, discharges the tenant from the obligation to pay rent. " How to use tenant in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word tenant? The Distress for Rent Act 1737, however, enables a landlord to recover double rent from a tenant who holds over after having himself given notice to quit; while another statute in the reign of George II. The tenant, on his part, is presumed to undertake to use the property in a reasonable manner, according to the purposes for which it was let, and to do reasonable repairs. Sometimes the life tenant is the sole executor or trustee. TIMBER, the term given to wood cut and shaped for building purposes, or growing wood suitable for such purposes; in English law the tenant for life may not cut such trees (see Waste). The outgoing tenant will want his name removed to ensure that he is no longer liable for the rent ! Tenant definition: A tenant is someone who pays rent for the place they live in, or for land or buildings... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Tenant sentence examples. tenant. Their tenants were in a state of unrest. Find more ways to say tenant, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Information and translations of Co-tenant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The poor and thinly-peopled region of Alemtejo is divided into large estates, and cultivated by tenant farmers. Examples of Co-tenant in a Sentence. At Galway in October of the same year he said that he " would not have taken off his coat " to help the tenant farmers had he not known that that was the way to legislative independence. He was educated privately and became a civil engineer and tenant farmer. Parliament neglected to give effect to these recommendations; in a country where agriculture was the chief ot almost only occupation, the tenant remained at his landlords mercy. But that doesn't keep him from exploiting them as share croppers and tenant farmers and workers. The marrorial system was already doomed, and the rent-paying tenant farmers, who had begun to appear after the Black Death, gradually superseded the villeins as the normal type of peasantry during the two generations that followed the outbreak that is generally known as Wat Tylers rebellion. Sentence Examples. The main result of this was that, when a baron parted with any one of his estates, the acquirer became a tenant -in-chief directly dependent on the king, instead of being left a vassal of the person who had passed over the land to him. The money they cost her was a small sum in comparison to the f 12,000,000 she lavished on her long series of lovers, who began with Soltykov and Stanislaus Poniatowski before she came to the throne, and ended with the youthful Platon Zubov, who was tenant of the post at her death. by the bankruptcy or insolvency of the tenant, at the landlord's option, if it is so stipulated in the lease; (iv.) By the second the tenant was secured from eviction except for non-payment of rent. Tenant: Can my landlord use a handyman or plumber for gas work? The same prospect of misery hung over the head of another, 28. self-contained flat is payable by the tenant. After working as a farm worker, I became a tenant farmer at Coniston Hall Farm. Examples of Tenant in a sentence. The hypothetical tenant in an ability to pay scenario is likely to have no profit motive. The word may mean farm laborer, tenant farmer, or farm owner. Once they have found their home, they are harder to evict than a tenant in a rent-controlled New York City apartment. The Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Acts 1883 and 1900, already referred to incidentally, contain provisions - similar to those of the English acts - as to a tenant's right to compensation for unexhausted improvements, removal for non-payment of rent, notice to quit at the termination of a tenancy, and a tenant's property in fixtures. No, the landlord may not repossess the house without a court order unless the tenant has surrendered the tenancy. The common form of land tenure is the colonia perpetua, by which the landlord grants a lease to the tenant and his heirs for ever, in return for a rent, payable in kind, and fixed at a certain proportion of the produce. "Tell me about the downstairs tenant in the building, Aaron Levy," Fred asked. This will increase the security of the nearly 1.5 million housing association tenant households. A crofter is defined as " a tenant of a holding " - being arable or pasture land, or partly arable and partly pasture land - " from year to year who resides on his holding, the annual rent of which does not exceed £30 in money, and which is situated in a ` crofting parish.'. Mrs. Glass told him he wasn't the first person asking about her Bascomb Place tenant and the fellow wanted to know all about us. Landlord of a tenant, who has an assured tenancy, grants a new one. A tenant is not entitled, without the landlord's consent, to change the character of the subjects demised, and, except under an agricultural lease, he is bound to quit the premises on the expiration of the lease. A lease may be transmitted (i.) In 1803 Southey became a joint lodger with Coleridge at Greta Hall, Keswick, of which in 1812 Southey became sole tenant and occupier. Another word for tenant. Buy those who have tenant is secondhand th someone that pays someone else to live on their property. There may also be a surrender, either voluntary or by operation of law, which will determine a tenancy, as, for example, when a tenant is party to some act, the validity of which he is legally estopped from denying and which would not have been valid had the tenancy continued to exist. Tenancy at Suferance.- A tenant who comes into possession by a lawful demise, but " holds over " or continues in possession after his estate is ended, is said to be a " tenant at sufferance.". Its last tenant was Bishop Miles Coverdale, who in 1535 published the first English translation of the whole Bible. How to use tenants in a sentence. The court gave the argument short shrift, leaving the tenant to repent at leisure his having acted in haste. Having apportioned his money among the poor, and settled his lands upon the church, with the exception of making his sister Marcellina tenant during life, and having committed the care of his family to his brother, he entered upon a regular course of theological study, under the care of Simplician, a presbyter of Rome, and devoted himself to the labours of the church, labours which were temporarily interrupted by an invasion of Goths, which compelled Ambrose and other churchmen to retire to Illyricum. 2 This may be paraphrased as follows:The precarium tenant may employ the interdict against a third party, because he cannot use the ordinary civil action, his holding being not a matter of business but rather of favour and kindness. Housing choice voucher program: This option allows a tenant to find their own housing and use vouchers to pay for the unit, with approval from landlord and the housing agency. A material point for the application of the privilege consists in the fact that ancient demesne has to be proved from the time before the Conquest, and this shows clearly that the theory was partly derived from the recognition of tenant right in villeins of the Anglo-Saxon period who, as we have said above, were mostly ceorls, that is, freeborn men. If the tenant requires to cancel a reservation for any reason he must notify the proprietors by telephone and confirm it in writing. of the Settled Land Act 1882, the tenant for life of a manor is empowered to sell the seignory of any freehold land within the manor, and by s. At any time the tenant could relinquish his holding; but he could only be evicted for refusing to pay his tretina, for wilful neglect of his land or for damage done to it. Generally, a person occupying a dwelling for thirty or more days is a tenant as far as landlord and tenant eviction law helps define the issue. Almost everything else could be left in the house for the next tenant. Foreign and Colonial Laws: Field, Landholding and the relation of Landlord and Tenant in various Countries; Ruling Cases (American Notes), (London and Boston, 1894-1901). The relations of landlord and tenant in Ireland have been a frequent subject of legislation (see History below). Where the rent is in money, it is generally payable at Whitsunday and Martinmas - the two " legal terms. Tenancy definition, a holding, as of lands, by any kind of title; occupancy of land, a house, or the like, under a lease or on payment of rent; tenure. If there are no problems during a demoted tenancy, you become an assured tenant. Synonyms: leaseholder , resident , renter , occupant More Synonyms of tenant The goat, being a goat, wreaks havoc, and the, 1. In 1756 Extension and for some years subsequently the land behind Montague House (now the British Museum) was occupied as a farm, and when in that year a proposal was made to plan out a new road the tenant and the duke of Bedford strongly opposed it. The tenant may terminate the agreement at any time by giving two months written notice to quit. secure tenant you may make alterations and improvements to your home. Irish Law: Kelly's Statute Law of Landlord and Tenant in Ireland (Dublin, 1898); Barton and Cherry's Land Act 1896 (Dublin, 1896); Quill, Hamilton and Longworth, Irish Land Acts of 1903 and 1904 (Dublin, 1904). These original tenants could then recruit petty tenant farmers to cultivate their lands or even sell their permanent tenancy rights. Council tax in a fully self-contained flat is payable by the tenant. This is one portion of insurance that most people assume landlords are liable for but, more often than not, it is the tenant who is liable and will experience the financial burden. evict a tenant without a Court Order, which will be granted only on certain grounds. At the discretion of Philip Hodges the tenant may be asked to provide a surety for the rent. You can see the blood stains near Annie's flat; another tenant in the block was pierced by one of the discarded needles. : In 1880 there was probably very little economic difference between the tenant farmer and the landless labourer. The Indian law of landlord and tenant is described in the article Indian Law. Compensation, under the Lands Clauses Acts, is assessed in four different modes: - (I) by justices, where the claim does not exceed £50, or a claimant who has no greater interest than that of a tenant for a year, or from year to year, is required to give up possession before the expiration of his tenancy; (2) by arbitration (a) when the claim exceeds £50, and the claimant desires arbitration, and the interest is not a yearly tenancy, (b) when the amount has been ascertained by a surveyor, and the claimant is dissatisfied, (c) when superfluous lands are to be sold, and the parties entitled to pre-emption and the promoters cannot agree as to the price.

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